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The following Astrology articles have previously appeared in astrological magazines or websites. Please note all articles are copyrighted. If you wish to use any information published in any of these articles, please contact Astro*Synthesis for permission.

Gemini: The Search for the Missing Twin

The third sign of the zodiac is so often misunderstood and trivialised. In this article Brian Clark talks about the potent feelings of loss and disconnection that often underlay the nervous and agile temperament of Gemini.

A longer version of this article appeared in The Mountain Astrologer. Visit their website at:

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gemini search missing twin

The Dragon’s Tale

Dragon symbolism enriches our understanding of the nodes, providing metaphors and images to help unravel nodal complexities.

While the head and tail of the dragon has come to represent the North and South Nodes, the dragon-serpent is visible in other ways: the serpentine movement of the True Node, the ouroboros created by the Saros eclipse patterns and its ‘snakes and ladders’ affect.

This article was published in The Mountain Astrologer

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A Question of Vocation

One of the most important issues clients bring to the astrological consultation is a question of vocation. However vocation is not just a career or a profession but a path of life.

In this article Brian Clark explores the question of vocation as a calling, part of the individuation process.

This article originally appeared in The Mountain Astrologer: visit their website at

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Astrological Transits and Transitions

As astrologers we observe transits in order to reflect on and give meaning to the major life transitions that we experience. Transits are a snapshot of a point in time, a phase of life and a process of change that characterize moments in the shifting tides of our lives.

Following is an introductory article on transits and how to begin to work with them, originally published by Dell Horoscope magazine:

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The Cycle of Chiron: Accepting the Wound of Individuation

As Chiron completes its cycle in our horoscope we are able to gather the loose threads of our life together. All the aspects of self that feel marginalised and wounded are re-experienced for healing. Chiron represents the process of individuation in an individual life and the key points in its cycle are initiations into its process.

This article originally appeared in The Wholistic Astrologer.

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cycle of chiron

Retrograde Remedies

At a predictable point in its orbit around the Sun every planet appears to slow down, turn around and move backwards against the backdrop of the zodiacal belt. What might this portend? Its symbolism suggests that it is a time to reflect over the past cycle and challenge the assumptions you have accepted without question.

In the following article we look at some remedies for retro-periods, especially when the inner planets Mercury, Venus and Mars decide to backtrack it for a while.

This article originally appeared in the 2004 Wellspring AstroLog. While the data will be dated, you can update this each year using the same tables.

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Leaving Home

Leaving home is often a traumatic experience for everyone involved in this stage of separation. The incomplete feelings left from the ‘leaving home’ resurface at other important transitional points in our lives.

In this article, Glennys Lawton explores the astrological and psychological statements around leaving home.

This article originally appeared in Apollon.

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The Matrix of Identity

In the Northern Winter of 2007/2008, the National Council for Geocosmic Research, Inc. (NCGR) released a journal dedicated to Psychological Astrology – Both Glennys Lawton and Brian Clark were invited to submit an article.

Glennys’ article on an astrological view of attachment and separation is contained in this download.

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The Progressed Moon

Astrological textbooks delineate the movement of the progressed Moon through the horoscope and throughout the life cycle.

This article commemorates her three phases and muses on their meaning. This article appeared in the Federation of Australian Astrologers Journal. Visit their website at

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the progressed moon

Astrological Supervision

Psyche is not exclusive to psychological astrology. When any astrologer engages with the symbols of the horoscope, another dynamic is created which has the features of a psychological situation. To the writer even the most pragmatic or technical astrologer will find the complexity of astrological symbols defy linear constructs.

In this short article the author is an advocate for astrological supervision to help bring psychological awareness into the astrological consulting room. It is not a matter of being psychologically fluent, but reflecting on the in-depth encounter that occurs between an astrologer and their client.

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Sibling Dynamics: The Astrology of Brothers and Sisters

Consultations with clients always inspire me to revisit the astrological images of the sibling relationship.

This article was originally published by Dell Horoscope magazine summarising some of the astrological material I had previously researched for my book The Sibling Constellation.

After the article was published, Donna Cunningham invited me to blog on this subject with her readers (see her great website and specifically the following for the blog on siblings: Readers Ask — Q&A about Sibling Relationships by Brian Clark

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sibling dynamics brother sister astrology

A Very Good Year: Turning the Pages on a New Decade

Milestones mark our important transitions upon our path of life. While we may not consciously choose to celebrate life’s milestones, they etch their mark upon our life experience. And one important milestone is when we mark a new decade of our life. This is the time to celebrate and take stock.

In this article Brian Clark sketches a very brief synopsis of each decade based on the major planetary cycles. This article was published under the title of Welcoming a New Decade in the Wellspring Astrolog.

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Vices and Virtues: Character Features and Flaws of the Zodiacal Types

This is both a serious and light-hearted look at the 12 signs of the Zodiac from the perspective that the signs symbolise human virtues as well as heroic flaws. There are always two sides of the coin and two different ways to experience the qualities of the signs.

This was originally written for the Australian AstroLog annual but was also published by Dell Horoscope magazine in two parts.

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Southern Signs and Seasons

Does Southern Hemisphere astrology project its own psychology onto the zodiac? Down Under we have learnt to adapt to the northern bias and celebrate the zodiac from our perspective.

Roots of Western astrology stem from northern observations and myths, but the essence of the signs remains true to those who experience them south of the Equator.

This article was originally written for the newsletter Partile.

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The Grand Cross of Easter

On Easter Sunday 2014, a series of exact planetary aspects at 13 degrees of the cardinal signs hinged four planets together in a grand square. This year the cosmic, religious and man-made calendars were synchronised.

This article was written April 15th just before the exact Full Moon that heralds Easter. This year it was a lunar eclipse and this short article considers the Cross’ synchrony with Easter.

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