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From the Moment We Met
The Astrology of Adult Relationships

Brian Clark

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Publication Date: January 18, 2018

The Astrology of Adult Relationships

When two souls form a relationship with one another, so do their horoscopes. The quest to understand the heart of relationship inspires this new volume by Brian Clark. From the Moment We Met offers a guide through the labyrinth of astrological symbols and images and towards a clearer understanding and acceptance of your adult relationships.

Relationship astrology – synastry – is not just an exploration of compatibility and possibility; it calls us to honour the mystery and soul of our attachments – not for what we want them to be, but for how they truly are.

This new volume from Astro*Synthesis includes:

The Patterns, Possibilities and Potentialities of Relationship

Archetypes and Attachment: Planets in Partnership
Gods of Love, Sexuality and Relationship: Eros, Venus and Mars
Intimate Archetypes: Venus and Mars by Sign
The Look of Love: Venus and Mars by Aspect
The Setting Place: The Other Half’s Horizon
Encountering Other: Planets in the Seventh House
Intimacy: The Eighth House
Fortune and Friendships: The Eleventh House
Karmic Connections: From the Moment We Met
Temperament and Relationship: Elemental Compatibility
The Presence of Absence: Voids in the Horoscope

The Art of Chart Comparisons and Combinations

Synergy and Synastry: The Power of Two
Chart Comparison: Swapping Houses
Just Between Us: The Aspect Grid
Combined Charts: Two Individuals, One Relationship
The Composite Chart: We Are One
Nodal Points: Meetings and Marriages
Couples at the Crossroads: Timing and Transition in Relationships
An Astrological Anatomy of Relationships