Astrology Tutorial Program

As part of the assessment stream of the Certificate and Diploma in Applied Astrology, tutorials are a component of each module. These 60 minutes tutorials are organized on Skype at a mutually convenient time. The purpose of this tutorial is to address questions, concerns and insights which have arisen during the study of the module.

Brian Clark also offers tutorials for all students and practitioners of astrology. The study and practice of astrology is such an exceptional and unique discipline that questions and/or difficulties often surface that need clarification, guidance and discussion. Concerns may range from confusion about certain techniques and their application to a crisis of faith which arrives in the middle of one’s study. Or students may wish to explore a topic of their choice or an agenda of their own queries. For the committed student, sincere in their study of astrology, the tutorial and supervision process can be of enormous support and assistance.

Astrology Questions

Practitioners may wish to discuss questions arising from their clinical and client work, address their vocational progress, or reflect on their astrological practice in general. Concerns with presentation, setting up your consulting or educational practice as well as general or ethical issues are always worthy of reflection and discussion with another professional in the field. These tutorials are akin to supervision which is a valuable, insightful and meaningful addition to one’s astrological study and practice. For a reflection on this process see Brian’s article on Astrological Supervision.

Brian Clark has been involved in astrological education and counselling for 40 years and as a full-time astrological practitioner for 33 of these. He brings a vast overview and understanding of the process of astrological work, gleaned from these years of continuous counselling and teaching experience.

Book an Astrology Tutorial Session

Tutorial sessions can be booked for either 60, 75 or 90 minutes depending on the agenda items to be covered. These will be conducted by Skype (voice). For international students and practitioners these will be booked at a mutually convenient time.

Please contact Brian for fees and any other enquiries regarding the tutorial program.