The Art of Communicating Astrological Imagery

Our first look at a horoscope presents us with an abundance of symbols, images, ideas, intuitions, feelings, opinions and narratives. How do we begin to understand these impressions and find a way to communicate them to the holder of the horoscope? How do we find words for a symbolic language? This module will contemplate astrology from a counselling perspective, reviewing counselling skills and techniques, ethics and how to effectively communicate with a client about their horoscope. We will bring our attention to the use of symbolism, imagery, metaphors and myths and reflect on the spectrum from literal to imaginative thinking. Case studies will be used to illustrate different issues that arise in the consulting process.

This module includes 8 CDs, one workbook, one reading booklet and the booklet Myth, Metaphor, Dream and Symbol: The Imaginative Language of Astrology.

One USB stick containing 8 units plus workbooks and booklets