Soul, Symbol and Imagination
The Artistry of Astrology

Brian Clark

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Soul, Symbol and Imagination

Astrology is so much more than a predictive and prescriptive typology. It is a soulful and evocative tradition that engages us in both rational and imaginal ways of knowing. As a practice involving the archetypal world of ideas, images and symbols, it places the practitioner in between the event and the soul’s experience, as the one who can see through the literal to the symbolic. Each horoscope is an invitation to consider the gods that live through us and the archetypal powers that pave our path of life. And since astrology is intimately involved with the heavens, it will always be intimately involved with the divine. In this way astrology is divinatory, as it concerns the will of the gods and inspires a knowledge that is beyond our rational control and often outside our own understanding.

The Artistry of Astrology is a meditation on astrological practice and an invitation to return imagination to the heavens.

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Praise for Soul, Symbol and Imagination – The Artistry of Astrology

There are few contemporary astrologers who can match Brian Clark’s range and depth of experience as professional consultant and as teacher, and this work is a precious distillation of his life-vocation. This is not a how-to manual, although the innovative use of dream-work is certain to inspire a new generation of teachers, while the case studies are insightful and moving. The light of astrological imagination is traced through thought-provoking allusions and references to myth, archetypes and poetry. Brian Clark plumbs the creative depth of the mystery within the art of astrology, which is the mystery of Symbol and Soul.
– Geoffrey Cornelius, author of The Moment of Astrology
My friend, Brian Clark, has written the best book on astrology that I have ever read. He shows himself a deep master of this quiet and enchanting art. Astrology’s value is hidden to the modern mind, but if you can grant yourself the favor of leaving that hard world behind and open to a realm of love and magic, you will be rewarded beyond imagining by reading this book. It now goes on my special shelf of books to live by.
– Thomas Moore, author of Care of the Soul