Welcome to Astro*Synthesis

Welcome to Astro*Synthesis

Thank you for visiting Astro*Synthesis – we are hoping to launch our new website with details on the Astro*Synthesis Open Learning Program in Applied Astrology and upcoming seminars very soon.

But for now please browse our wide range of student workbooks and booklets which have been crafted from classroom notes, handouts, diagrams and teaching tools. These publications are available to guide you through different aspects and areas of astrology. Or have a look through our astrological reports that allow you to get to know yourself more intimately.

Astro*Synthesis was founded in Melbourne in 1986 as an astrological education program. Since this time Astro*Synthesis has consistently offered an in-depth program into the application of astrology from a psychological perspective.

Astro*Synthesis now offers its complete program by distance learning. Involvement in any part of the Astro*Synthesis distance learning program can be taken for your interest only

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