Recent Webinars and Audio Classes with Brian Clark

Brian’s teachings are full of wisdom and insight. This course offers much more than its description ~ you also get Brian’s knowledge garnered from his own life experience and years of teaching and client interactions. He’s so friendly, approachable and kind and creates a loving teaching atmosphere.
Kristin O. Australia

This class was deep & rich with information that really lives up to the courses name. Brian uncovers so many valuable layers of these houses, which has helped me better understand and process what each house has to offer to the natal chart.
Makayla D. USA

This was my first class with Brian Clark and he is truly an inspiring soul. I will be buying his books and look forward to his other offerings. This class is a must for any astrologer wishing to break free of modern-day cook-book approaches and enter into the living consciousness of the work we do!
Jacqueline A. USA

When Jupiter Returns webinar with Brian Clark

This webinar focuses on the return journey of Jupiter and its initiations, transitions, opportunities and development throughout the life cycle. Jupiter’s cycle is a potent image for defining and redefining the hopes, goals and aspirations of life.

The telling of astrological time webinar with Brian Clark

Our webinar is a reflective journey visiting with some gods of time, some philosophers, physicists and poets, who have explored its mysteries, in order to inspire us to be mindful of what happens when we participate with timing techniques and symbols.

Brian Clark - Place – the Astrology of Relocation

A webinar exploring the potency of place and what happens to our disposition when we reposition that through relocation

Vocation, Mission and Calling webinar with Brian Clark and Tony Howard

Five classes exploring our vocation, calling and life purpose and how the astrological horoscope speaks to these compelling issues.

Relationship Astrology - Bran Clark

An in-depth exploration into the art of Synastry: relational dynamics, planetary interactions, chart comparison, aspect grids and timing.

Relationship Astrology - Brian Clark and Mark Jones

A four-part series into the dynamics of a composite chart: how the union of two individuals in relationship create a third entity – the composite chart!

Brian Clark - Relationship Astrology – Close Encounters of the Karmic Kind

A five-class series exploring the fascinating art of Relationship Astrology

Brian Clark - The Archaeology of the Astrological Houses

Five classes unearthing the layers of the astrological houses, literally and metaphorically, excavating each house to find its deeper resonances.

Brian Clark - Love in the Time of Capricorn

Using myth and poetry, let’s look at how we love in the time of Capricorn, learning to love through time and in crisis.

Brian Clark - The Houses of Endings

An audio lecture and blast from the past, sinking into the waters of the 4th, 8th and 12th houses