About Astro*Synthesis

Astro*Synthesis was founded in Melbourne in 1986 and ever since has consistently offered its in-depth program into the education and application of astrology in both the classroom and by distance learning. Now Astro*Synthesis offers its complete astrological program as a self-study program – Astro*Synthesis Collection in Applied Astrology.

The Astro*Synthesis Collection in Applied Astrology is the complete syllabus that has been developed by Astro*Synthesis over the course of 30 years. Our syllabus comprises 12 comprehensive modules which offer detailed instruction and engagement in the imaginative and inspirited study of astrology. Each session in the complete series of 112 lessons has been purposely recorded. These are available by digital download, USB sticks or CD’s.

The foundation of the course is constructed to utilize astrology as a tool for greater awareness of the self, others and the world at large. The approach is holistic; therefore archetypal psychology and mythology are interwoven in order to provide deeper meaning behind the traditions of astrological symbolism.

As part of the program, an in-depth series of student booklets and workbooks on astrological theory and practice have been prepared for students. These workbooks and booklets accompany each module but are also available for sale in PDF format separately on the Student Astrology E-Booklets and Student Astrology E-Workbooks pages under Publications.

From 1989 – 2007 Astro*Synthesis was located at the Chiron Centre, a multi-disciplinarian centre housing astrology, naturopathy, dream work and psychology. The Chiron Centre, located in Abbotsford, one of Melbourne’s inner suburbs, was a thriving focal point for Australian astrology. From 2007 – 2015 the Chiron Centre relocated to the Wellbeing wing of the Abbotsford Convent, a division of the arts and culture precinct dedicated to complementary healing therapies. In 2015 the Chiron Centre celebrated with a conference dedicated to Transitions. From 2019, any or all of the Astro*Synthesis program is now available through the Astro*Synthesis Collection in Applied Astrology.

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