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Astro*Synthesis was founded in Melbourne in 1986 and ever since has consistently offered its in-depth program into the education and application of astrology in both the classroom and by distance learning. Now Astro*Synthesis offers its complete astrological program as the Astro*Synthesis Collection in Applied Astrology.

Student Workbooks, Resources, and Astrology Booklets

A wide range of student workbooks and astrology booklets crafted from classroom notes, handouts, diagrams and teaching tools are available to guide you through different aspects and areas of astrology. For more details on our E-booklets, E-workbooks and books visit the links under Publications. Or if you are interested in some specific astrological themes check out our Articles and Student Resources.

Learn the Imaginative Art of Astrology


Each module, as above, contributes to the syllabus in a sequential and logical fashion, assisting you to assemble your astrological framework coherently. As you move through each module, you will build your confidence and knowledge as you progress. From this secure grounding in the principles and practice of astrology, you will complete the program with commitment and respect for the imaginative art of astrology.

Books by Brian Clark
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What I love about Brian’s work is that he restores the Mystery to our ancient art, activating the imaginative function and widening the scope of our interpretive gaze.

Jason Holley, Astrologer and Psychotherapist

When writers make their writing live, they have done all they possibly can. This book is fully alive; I can offer no higher praise or recommendation.

Roderick Kidston, author of The Magic of the Stars

The Family Legacy
Here in southern Oregon, we talk of guides on the world-class rivers and rapids. Brian Clark is in that category: a very skilled guide for the interior terrain that ties us together with those in our blood lineage and the others with whom we are close.

by Mary Plumb, astrologer, The Mountain Astrologer, February/March 2017

From the Moment We Met
Are you looking for a wise, practical, comprehensive book to help you navigate the complexities of astrological relationship analysis? Look no further than Brian Clark’s From the Moment We Met.

Anne Whitaker, author of Postcards to the Future

Soul, Symbol and Imagination
My friend, Brian Clark, has written the best book on astrology that I have ever read. He shows himself a deep master of this quiet and enchanting art.

Thomas Moore, author of Care of the Soul

Astrological Time
Brian is an excellent storyteller and, on these pages, he tells the story of time.

Astrid Fallon, creator of the Graphic Ephemeris for Forecasts 1960 – 2060