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Welcome to Astro*Synthesis

Astro*Synthesis was founded in Melbourne in 1986 as an astrological education program. Ever since Astro*Synthesis has consistently offered a comprehensive curriculum into the study and application of astrology from an archetypal perspective.

Astro*Synthesis offers its complete astrological program by open learning. The Astro*Synthesis Open Learning Program in Applied Astrology can engage you in your own self study or lead to formal qualifications. This open learning course comprises 12 detailed modules which offer in-depth instruction and participation in the imaginative and inspirited study of astrology.

The Astro*Synthesis Open Learning Program in Applied Astrology is an in-depth and comprehensive journey into the heart of contemporary astrology. This complete program of study has been developed from over 30 years of classroom teaching and covers the fundamental aspects of astrology from an in-depth perspective.

Welcome to the evocative and imaginative study of astrology.

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Learn the Imaginative Art of Astrology


Each module, as above, contributes to the syllabus in a sequential and logical fashion, assisting you to assemble your astrological framework coherently. As you move through each module, you will build your confidence and knowledge as you progress. From this secure grounding in the principles and practice of astrology, you will complete the program with commitment and respect for the imaginative art of astrology.

A wide range of student workbooks and astrology booklets crafted from classroom notes, handouts, diagrams and teaching tools are available to guide you through different aspects and areas of astrology. For more details on our E-booklets, E-workbooks and books visit the links under Publications. Or if you are interested in some specific astrological themes check out our Articles and Student Resources.