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Astro*Synthesis was founded in Melbourne in 1986 and ever since has consistently offered its in-depth program into the education and application of astrology in both the classroom and by distance learning. Now Astro*Synthesis offers its complete astrological program as the Astro*Synthesis Collection in Applied Astrology.

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A wide range of student workbooks and astrology booklets crafted from classroom notes, handouts, diagrams and teaching tools are available to guide you through different aspects and areas of astrology. For more details on our E-booklets, E-workbooks and books visit the links under Publications. Or if you are interested in some specific astrological themes check out our Articles and Student Resources.

Learn the Imaginative Art of Astrology


Each module, as above, contributes to the syllabus in a sequential and logical fashion, assisting you to assemble your astrological framework coherently. As you move through each module, you will build your confidence and knowledge as you progress. From this secure grounding in the principles and practice of astrology, you will complete the program with commitment and respect for the imaginative art of astrology.

Gods in these Times
reflections on the Pandemic
A series of four articles

Pan and the Pandemic
article 1 in a series of 4 articles on Gods in these times

This piece emerged out of my musing about the times we are in, on our word Pandemic meaning ‘all people’ – and of Pan, the goat god who is commonly associated with Capricorn, and the god who lends his image to our word panic.

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Image: Edward Burne-Jones, Pan and Psyche, 1872-4, Public Domain

pan pandemic

At Home with Hestia
article 2 in a series of 4 articles on Gods in these times

Governmental guidelines are directing us to stay home, to seek shelter in our home-place! We are called to Hestia’s hearth to regain our focus, relocate our centre, realign our values; home to spend time being contemplative and creative.

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Image: Hestia Tapestry “Hestia full of Blessings”, 6th C Egypt.

hestia tapestry

Opportunity in the Time of Capricorn
article 3 in a series of 4 articles on Gods in these times

Kairos is more than a word; it is a symbol that characterizes timing and opportunities released by problems created in times of crisis. Chance is born out of the occasion of misfortune. Kairos implies that at times of tension and crisis, the ‘right’ time arises, but it is our choice to seize the opportunity…..

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Image: Kairos – copy of relief from Lysippos

kairos capricorn

Transitioning with Hermes
through times of change
article 4 in a series of 4 articles on Gods in these times

There is no doubt we are not only in transition collectively, but personally as well, as each of us are essential parts of the collective. In times of transition there is suspension as we cross the threshold – this is Hermes’ landscape –

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Image: Hermes and the child Dionysus – Olympia museum

transitions hermes