Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions (faq’s) you may have as you navigate through Astro*Synthesis Astrology.

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Yes. The Astro*Synthesis Open Learning Program in Applied Astrology can engage you in your own self study or lead to formal qualifications. This open learning course comprises 12 detailed modules which offer in-depth instruction and participation in the imaginative and inspirited study of astrology.
Brian Clark offers tutorials, clarification, guidance and discussion via Skype for all students and practitioners of astrology. Sessions can be booked for either 60, 75 or 90 minutes depending on the agenda items to be covered. Please contact Brian for more information.
The astrology E-Workbooks were written to accompany the 12 modules of the Astro*Synthesis Open Learning program in Applied Astrology. You can purchase any one of these workbooks as standalone study manuals.
The depth e-booklets on astrological theory and practice have been written with the astrological student in mind, including case examples, charts, exercise and worksheets.

These are the astrology reports Astro*Synthesis offers:

  • Kindred Spirits Astrology Report – looking at your relationship with soul mates astrologically
  • Vocation Astrology Report – a report for reflecting on your career path and calling
  • Money Astrology Report – considering your relationship with money using astrological images
  • Goddess Astrology Report – celebrating twelve Greek goddesses and how their archetypal energy impacts you
  • Composites – An Astrological Relationship Report – looking at the dynamics of your relationships
Unfortunately, if the time of birth is not known within an hour then your report will be inaccurate.
Yes, we do! From time to time we send out a newsletter with news & updates about conferences, seminars, new articles, resources and important astrological news. Simply scroll to the bottom of the page and fill in your details under Subscribe.