Astrology Reports by Brian Clark

  • Kindred Spirits Astrology Report – looking at your relationship with soul mates astrologically
  • Vocation Astrology Report – a report for reflecting on your career path and calling
  • Money Astrology Report – considering your relationship with money using astrological images
  • Goddess Astrology Report – celebrating twelve Greek goddesses and how their archetypal energy impacts you
  • Composites – An Astrological Relationship Report – looking at the dynamics of your relationships

Kindred Spirits Astrology Report

This relationship report considers not just on our adult partners, but also our siblings and friends as our soul mates. Chapters include In the Beginning is Family which looks at the Sun, Moon, aspects to the Moon and the 4th house in depth; Primary Relationships which includes our earliest relationships, the 3rd house and aspects to Mercury; Kindred Spirits is about friends and acquaintances and the 11th; Soul and Relationship embraces our adult relationships and the 7th house; Pleasure, Passion and Pain focuses on Venus and Mars in relationship while Crossing Paths reports on the influence of your nodal axis in relating.

I called the report Kindred Spirits after a visit to the House of Anne of Greene Gables on Prince Edward Island. Anne was fond of calling her closest friends her kindred spirits. This report looks at your kindred spirits and soul mates from the perspective of your horoscope. The report is between 20 -25 pages and is a great gift for friends and family. But it will also be very informative and revealing for you. Reports will be sent to you via email as a PDF file. Only AUD $25.

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Vocation Astrology Report

As a counselling astrologer I regularly work with clients’ issues regarding their careers, work satisfaction and their deeper longing for a fulfilling vocation. This report has come out of my experience with clients and reflections on what constitutes a satisfying vocation. In the introduction I have suggested it is not about finding the ‘right’ vocation, but helping us become more reflective about our calling and path in life.

Chapters include Vocation and Destiny covers your Nodal Axis in depth looking at the signs, houses and aspects of the Nodes and what that might reveal about our calling; Vocation and Direction deals with the Ascendant and our natural orientation to life purpose; Vocation and Character deals with the core images of the Sun and Moon in vocation; Income focuses the 2nd house as your values, income and earning potential; Work looks at the 6th house and your natural daily rhythms and what suits you best work-wise; Profession includes the MC and the 10th house, the traditional area of careers and your pathway in the world.

The report is between 20 -25 pages and is a helpful handbook for your considerations on work and career. But it will also be helpful for your kids when they are struggling with educational and career choices or your friends who are considering a career move. Reports will be sent to you via email as a PDF file. The Vocation Astrology Report is only AUD $25.

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Money Astrology Report

Archetypal psychologists have suggested that money is a psychic reality. Since psychic realities are complex and complicated, it makes sense that our relationship to money is often problematic and potentially overwhelming, reminding us of the soul’s struggle to cope with incarnation.

Astrology offers us a way to reflect on our personal relationship with money. A greater awareness of our instinctual relationship to money affords us more ways to participate authentically with it. Brian has teamed with Stephanie Johnson to focus on your relationship to money through the lens of astrological imagery such as the 2nd- 8th house polarity (signs on the cusps, their rulers and planets in these houses), Venus, The Part of Fortune and the Sun, Moon and Ascendant.

The report is between 20 -25 pages and is helpful for reflecting on your relationship with values and becoming more comfortable with money. Your friends might also appreciate it as a present especially when they are anxious about their financial situation or potential changes to it. Reports will be sent to you via email as a PDF file and is only AUD $25.

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Goddess Astrology Report

With this report I teamed up with Stephanie Johnson, the spirit behind Esoteric Technologies which developed the wonderful and best astrological software program Solar Fire. Her passion for the asteroids and my love of Greek mythology made a great partnership.

In the Goddess Astrology Report, we look at the myths of 12 well-known goddesses from Greek myths and then examine your own personal relationship to them. Each goddess is discussed from the point of view of their sign and house position in your chart. And what archetypal influences they bring into your life.

After a comprehensive introduction we look at each of the following goddesses in depth mythological and in your own chart: Ceres, Pallas Athena, Juno, Vesta, Hygieia, Ariadne, Europa, Pandora, Mnemosyne, Hecate, Cassandra and Medea.

The report is about 45 pages and is a celebration of feminine archetypes in astrology. Therefore these are great gifts for your mother, sister, girlfriends and special women in your life, including you. Reports will be sent to you via email as a PDF file. Only AUD $25.

Goddess Astrology Report

Composites – An Astrological Relationship Report

This is my latest Astrology Report which I again collaborated on with Stephanie Johnson. This report is about your relationship or what happens when you and your partner, sibling, friend or workmate become a team, a dynamic duo or a partnership. The composite chart is a unique astrological tool that combines each individual’s chart into one horoscope.

A well-known maxim, often ascribed to Aristotle, suggests that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. In essence this is the nature of the composite chart. A union of two individuals creates the possibility of something greater. A combined chart offers images of the intention and fulfilment of the relationship when individuals are jointly involved. The underlying premise is that combining two horoscopes generates cosmic alignments more powerful than the separate individuals.

My composite chart with co-author Stephanie Johnson has a Saturn-Sun conjunction in the 6th house so we worked long and hard on its creation. The report covers all the composite planets by house and aspect to reveal a full pictorial dynamic of the energies operating in your relationship.

The report is between 20 -25 pages and is a great gift for you and your partners or friends celebrating their anniversary or those who have just entered a relationship. Reports will be sent to you via email. All for only AUD $25. Following is a sample report of Virginia Woolf and Vita Sackville-West whose multi-dimensional relationship lasted from the moment they met.

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