astrologers in support of our circle of animals

The Zodiac Appeal began in 2009 to help our native animals whose habitats had been devastated by fire. Since then, we have assisted animal organizations in times of urgent need. Our terrestrial circle of animals is always in need ‒ The Zodiac Appeal reminds us that as astrologers we honour and support the sacredness of the animal world, symbolised by our celestial zodiac, an eternal metaphor of inner and instinctual life.

the zodiac appeal

Heartfelt thanks to all who have supported our Zodiac Appeal campaigns.

In 2009 we launched our first Zodiac Appeal to support Wildlife Victoria in their heroic effort to attend to the injured animals and devastated habitats caused by the Victorian bush fires. This campaign raised over $19,000 to support Wildlife Victoria with the rebuilding of their shelters.

In 2011 we relaunched the Zodiac Appeal to support the RSPCA Queensland in their efforts to house and relocate both domestic and farm animals after the flood-ravage. Over $5,500 was raised in support of this animal charity.

In 2014 we supported Animals Australia in their tireless efforts to promote humane and ethical treatment for animals.

In 2020 we raised over $8,000 for the Bushfire Wildlife Rescue and Wires which was used to buy food and supplies for native animals being rehabilitated in wildlife rescue shelters.

In 2021, The London School of Astrology promoted the Zodiac Appeal through a series of webinars. The LSA donated over £ 2500 (Aus. $ 4800) to rescue dog charities in the UK and Australia.

In 2022 we appealed for help to support the volunteers on the ground in Ukraine who are rescuing, rehabilitating and rehousing animals lost, devastated and traumatized by the war. You generously donated Aus. $1,735 to the cause.

Our deep appreciation for your support of our circle of animals

Thank you,

Brian & Glennys

the zodiac appeal animal charity