Astrological Time
Cycles of the Soul: Transits, Progressions and Returns

Brian Clark

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Astrological Time

The study of planetary cycles, passages and returns immerses us in the question and mystery of time. A horoscope ensouls time – inviting us to imagine and animate it with the spirit of each moment. While astrological timing may be complex and multi-dimensional, with practice we can learn to read and discern its archetypal images to give meaning to life experiences and events.

Astrological Time: Cycles of the Soul is a guidebook exploring planetary cycles and the mysteries of time. It reveals how astrological symbols, techniques and transitions can evoke ways of understanding the nature of time and encourage us to participate in its personal and collective seasons. Deepening our ways of thinking about time persuades us to move from a predictive to a participatory approach.

I am delighted that my colleague Brian Clark amplifies the meaning and relevance of astrological cycles in this comprehensive and inspiring study of time and technique. Brian is an excellent storyteller and, in these pages, he tells the story of time.
Astrid Fallon, creator of the Graphic Ephemeris for Forecasts 1960–2060

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