Elements and Signs of the Zodiac

After an introduction to the imaginative and enduring study of astrology, we begin our journey with investigating the heavenly wheel of life or the zodiac. The Greek root of the word refers to a circle of sculptured animals or life-like figures. Therefore the zodiac means a circle of animals, a wheel of life and in essence is one of the first picture books. We will study these zodiacal images through the traditional astrological divisions of the four elements and the three qualities, along their psychological and astrological correspondences. The elements and qualities of the zodiac reveal subtleties of human temperament, character and personality.

Considering the zodiac includes its history and astronomy to understand its development and how constellations are different from zodiac signs. Each sign will be covered in detail examining their astrological descriptions, as well as the mythic template that underpins their images. The signs of the zodiac also symbolise twelve initiatory stages in the individuation process; therefore the study of each sign is not only an insight into human temperament, but also reveal essential qualities of human experience.

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