Resources in the Horoscope

The horoscope reveals inherent skills and resources that are unique to each individual. As part of this unit we will examine vocation, which includes exploring the areas of resources, income and assets, skills, routines and work patterns as well as possibilities for a fulfilling profession. Astrology also has a long tradition associated with medicine; commonly known is the correspondences between parts of the body and zodiac signs. During this unit we will explore both physical and mental health along with ways to maintain well being and a healthy lifestyle. This will entail examination of a range of emotional states and learning the astrological correlations between planets, signs and the body.

Our personal horoscope also comments on the areas of creativity and spirituality which we will also address. The unit will end studying the four main asteroids which were discovered in the early 19th Century. These asteroids in astrology will be introduced as potent indicators of feminine resources; however, we will also address the asteroids in general.

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