The Family Through Time

Ancestral patterns are inborn; therefore these images will also be embedded in our horoscopes and this unit concentrates on the transmission of these patterns through the family over time examining various areas of the familial experience. Using astrological and psychological theory we will explore the family life cycle, family and ancestral patterns carried through the generations. Areas to be covered include the family of origin, working with a genogram, family myths and patterns, early stages of childhood, adolescence, leaving home, marriage and the extended family, mid life and beyond as well as specific topics such as family secrets, birth order, family dysfunction etc.

This course helps draw the family portrait using astrological images and track the familial inheritance through horoscopes of family members. This module includes 8 CDs, one workbook, one reading booklet and the booklet Family Development: The Family System through Time.

One USB stick containing 8 units plus workbooks and booklets