The Twelve Houses and Aspects of the Horoscope

To contemplate and find meaning in the symbols of the sky from a particular place, astrologers use the angles of the horoscope to orientate themselves. Angles take shape when certain great circles intersect with the ecliptic, another imaginary line sketched on the canvas of the heavens by the Sun. The angles of the horoscope or the Ascendant, Descendant, MC, and IC are the reference points of our lives and orientate us to the world. These form the axes of the horoscope which we will study, along with the quadrants and hemispheres. The twelve houses will be introduced in reference to the process of human development and experience. We will begin to synthesise planets in signs and houses to give meaning to astrological statements.

Major aspects are the astrological threads connecting planets that weave archetypal patterns into the tapestry of our lives. Aspects are planetary dialogues which reveal sub-personalities in the horoscope. As the lifelines between planets, aspects will be thoroughly examined including major patterns and planetary pictures. Many examples of the complexity of planets in aspect will be examined.

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