Astrological Analysis

Since the four main astrological doctrines of signs, planets, houses and aspects have been covered in depth, we will turn our attention to new material on specialised topics in order to have an appreciation of the richness of the horoscope. These include the study of the lunar nodes, another axis in the horoscope which suggests an intriguing encounter with past patterns and destiny; the phenomenon of intercepted signs, which occur when using unequal house systems; understanding the occurrence and meaning of retrograde planets in the horoscope; the lunation cycle or the phase of the cycle you were born under. We will also study this cycle as a prototype of all astrological cycles. As well we will examine the angle of the vertex-anti/vertex and its unique relational imagery as well as studying some of the minor aspects of contemporary astrology.

As part of this unit we will be also cover some technical aspects to understand the astronomical basis behind astrological techniques, introduce the ephemeris and also begin to look at a chart as a whole by contemplating how we might analyse, delineate and consider the horoscope.

One USB stick containing 10 units plus workbooks and booklets