Planetary Cycles and Transits

Planetary movements have always revealed and interpreted the changing dimension of time. Attempts to measure time using the planets have existed since antiquity; for instance the changing face of the Moon helped ancient man measure and record the passing of time. Each planet has its own unique timing whether that is the fast moving cycle of the Moon which takes 27.3 days to orbit the earth or the slower moving Uranus which takes a lifetime of 84 years to encircle the Sun. Astrology offers an imaginative and incomparable method of charting the life cycle and our unique personal timing and initiations.

We will study each of the planetary cycles and its correlation to the human life cycle. Stages of the life cycle such as childhood, adolescence, adulthood, mid-life, the 50’s etc. will also be explored in context of the planetary cycles. The impact of cycles and transits of all the planets, including Chiron, will be analysed thoroughly. We will look at the effect of each planet’s transit and cycle on the development of the individual using allegories and case examples.

One USB stick containing 10 units plus workbooks and booklets