Future Trends and Progressing the Horoscope

In the final unit of the foundation course we will examine the astrological tradition of progressions, a symbolic way of evolving the horoscope. Progressions and directions will be introduced, specifically concentrating on secondary progressions, as this symbolic way of advancing the horoscope seems most akin to the soul’s inner development and journey. We will study the cycles of the progressed planets with emphasis of the Sun and Moon and their progressed lunation cycle. However we will also examine the progression of other planets, their change of direction, sign and house to help understand how they reveal significant life passages.

Other methods that will help us determine upcoming trends for an individual will be presented. Therefore the cyclic patterning and meaning of solar and lunar eclipses will be explored. The cycle of the lunar nodes and their transits through the horoscope will also be addressed. The unit ends with an overview of presenting a chart for delineation and consultation.

One USB stick containing 10 units plus workbooks and booklets